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UEFA Coaching Courses in South Africa

Many coaches in South Africa and the rest of Africa are looking to expand their footballing knowledge and stay up to date with the latest global training techniques.  At ONE10SPORT we have researched the top footballing institutions in the world and have since elected to bring in the best association and the most respected coaching courses world football has to offer.  Our partnership with this European giant will be unveiled in the coming weeks and it offers all aspiring coaches, experienced and inexperienced, the unique opportunity to qualify with an international coaching badge.

These courses filter directly into the UEFA coaching courses pathway and lay a solid foundation for those managers and coaches wanting to take their careers to the next level.  Although most managers have a great understanding of football and how to line up a team strategically, all coaches need to couple this understanding with a quality education, as jobs are offered to those who have invested in their education.  Having credible badges, shows future employers that your coaching is to the standards of international associations and can therefore be trusted to achieve the clubs milestones.

Our UEFA equivalent coaching courses in South Africa are open to all coaches who are above the age of 16 years.  Participants do not require any prior coaching experience or coach education.


For more information regarding our upcoming UEFA equivalent coaching courses in South Africa, please contact:

Justin Behrens 

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