A Successful October Soccer Clinic in Cape Town

The October clinic delivered in every department, from the weather being perfect, to the players really working hard in every training session and tackling the drills with immense enthusiasm.  ONE10SPORT would like to thank each and every parent for enrolling your junior soccer stars with us for the October Soccer clinic.  We had 19 sign-ups for the 3 day training clinic and covered key themes in each training session.

The first day saw our coach focus on the art of a structured warm-up, techniques used to control the ball and how to make the perfectly weighted pass.  All our players possessed great natural footballing ability, which allowed the coaches to progress the drills and exercises to an advanced phase.  Our training sessions are based 80% on fun and 20% on competitiveness, which is a crucial balance.  We found that the players enjoyed learning new skills and then applying these skills to a competitive game.

The second day looked at dribbling techniques and various methods of shooting.  By this stage the players were controlling the ball with ease and were also able to produce a good final pass before finishing the goal.  We then applied the various dribbling and shooting techniques to a competitive game, which brought about some rapid shooting and quick feet in dribbling.

The final day offered the coach an opportunity to run over what the players had learnt in the past 2 days.  Having fared well in all the drills and activities, we divided the group into 4 teams and played a knock-out style tournament, which introduced some competition and an enhanced enthusiasm as the teams tried to out perform one another.

Although winning and losing is not the be all and end all of football, it is very important that we teach all participants how to be gracious in defeat and humble in victory – you can imagine the challenge in achieving this with youngsters especially when winners are awarded a sweet or a chocolate:)  Reaching a level where our players accepted defeat was a massive accomplishment.

We are incredibly excited for the launch of our academy on 16 October 2015 and look forward to the next Cape Town Holiday Clinic.


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