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We recruit top coaches in Cape Town to suit your needs

ONE10SPORT assists schools, clubs and universities in recruiting quality coaches according to each clients specific needs.  Our coaches represent a balance between playing and coaching experience, coupled with great interpersonal skills and work ethic.  There are an abundance of quality coaches in Cape Town, majority of whom are looking for opportunities to develop a brand for themselves and to help a team reach their full potential.  A sports coach is also a life coach, as most kids look up to their coach and will apply what the coach says and does to their everyday lives.  This is why it is essential to employ quality coaches, regardless of the seriousness or ability of the group, as a coach can make a meaningful difference in any players life.

Football is an area that we feel needs urgent attention, particularly in Cape Town where many schools usher football out, in fear that it will take players away from rugby and hockey.  However, we feel that it is possible for soccer to co-exist with rugby and hockey and in fact, it will contribute to the players’ fitness and coordination.  Short 5-a-side cup tournaments are a simple and effective means of establishing a basis for soccer at your institution, focusing on enjoyment, the outdoors and socialising.

If you are looking for quality coaches in Cape Town at affordable rates and require ONE10SPORT’s assistance, please get in touch today:


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