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“THE” Sports Clinic for Kids in Cape Town

As we approach the October School holidays, parents are always looking for affordable active ways to keep their kids entertained, and what better way than to enroll them for a 3 day action packed football clinic in Cape Town.

ONE10SPORT prides itself on providing a modern, innovative, enjoyable and disciplined approach to football, suitable for all players of all skill levels.  Our clinics deliver an equally balanced focus on skill development and personal development, ensuring that all players leave with a more diverse skill set than before they enrolled.  This could be in the form of increased confidence, enhanced movement skills, improved social abilities or a hunger to lead.

Confidence, a positive attitude, friendliness, kindness, the ability to lead,  sharing the responsibility of victory or defeat, and a healthy determination to succeed are critical attributes for players, particularly in the early development phases.  There is no doubt that natural technical ability is also vital, but it needs to be balanced with the above attributes in order to achieve great success.  This is where individual player management is key and this is a fascinating area for all coaches as it can make or break a team depending on how each individual player is managed.

Our objective is to create well-balanced athletes who enthuse respect, positivity and exceptional technical ability.  We strongly believe that there is a place for every player in a team and that in time we will identify a strong quality within each player, which will make them either an exceptional forward, midfielder, defender or goal keeper.

Our Scottish FA accredited head coach constructs all sessions, adding great value to our service.  We have a great relaitionship with the Scottish Football Association, which will in future allow our academy to travel abroad to show Europe our pedigree of players.

We welcome all players of all skill levels to join us for our upcoming clinics in Cape Town (5-7 October at Rustenburg GHS) and Somerset West (8-10 October at Hottentots Holland High School) and look forward to seeing you all there.

Justin Behrens


phone-icon-hi   072 600 6384

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