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Sole Sisters clinch second league title

A mere 8 months after coming together to create the team, the ladies from Sole Sisters have become a formidable force within the league. With strong performances by every player, the team has managed to secure another league title. Their second in as many outings.

The latter of those titles came in the recent Season 1 of 2020. The team’s impressive campaign blended strong defensive shut-outs with brilliant flair going forward which resulted in a form of dominance which will be difficult to replicate in the future.

The season also saw another strong performance from starlet, Tessa de Villiers, who, despite failing to retain her MVP status, managed 11 goals and 3 assists. However, the fact that she was merely one of three Sisters (As well as Amy Hvidsten and Lize-Marie Dreyer) to make the Top 5, better serves the reader to understand how strong the champions were this season. Goals from all over the team meant it was no surprise that the team secured a league best, 26 goals scored.

The Sole Sisters’ player of the season, though, was undoubtedly Tarryn Lee. The goalkeeper secured 7 clean sheets and conceded the league fewest 10 goals, less than half of those conceded by second-best, Chicks With Kicks.

However, it was not smooth sailing for the Sisters though, as the newest addition to the league, Impi Warriors, proved they would be no rollovers. The team was this season’s hardest workers by a fair margin and quickly adapted to the game. Soon, they were defending and attacking like seasoned players and, led by lethal forward Raffaella Montali, recorded numerous high-scoring, highly entertaining matches.

Raffaella, though, deserves a special mention. This year’s MVP amassed an astonishing 14 goals in 14 games. Her shooting range and technique has burdened every defender she has met, and it is no surprise she managed to regain her status as MVP. This, her third in four seasons.

It would be the Chicks With Kicks to whom most of plaudits would go though. The team’s fluid, possession-based approach to the league has been a pleasure to watch. Every player seems comfortable on the ball and most seem eager to add their names to the scoresheet. Although this approach left the team vulnerable early in the season, they soon grasped the nuances of the style and there is no doubt they will be the favorites heading into Season 2.

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