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Season 2 on its way!

The first season of 2020 is proving quite the spectacle. Fans have been treated to numerous entharwking matches, with rigrid defneces meeting unwavering attacks. This season has seen giants tumble and underdogs take their places. Swift passing and beautiful play go head-to-head with counterattacking brilliance.

The sides had met every foe in the league and teams had been set in play-off pairings. The ladies league would go no further. The Sole Sisters victourous as the competition seems to rise fiercer and faerceri as the seasons progress.

The Second Division saw a semi-finalesque display as the Wynberg Warriors met the men from Zestlife. The winner would meet Bailalio in the final. Easily the selection for match of the seasons as both teams set aside defending responsiblitities and battled toe-to-toe to lay down their markers. It would be Zestlife tasked with stopping the crowning of the Spanish artisans.

The First Division has continued to distinguish itself for its competitiveness and, after seasons of mid-table mediocrity, it would be the Healey bunch set to take the Sterling Cup game. The season proved to be a wonderful campaign for Matt’s Team. Strong, clinic football which left them second in the league. The first leg would turn to Matt’s Team, as they opened a commanding and near-unassailable lead over Zestlife.

As the First Season comes to a close, Season 2 promises to be the largest one yet. The league will encompass a three-tier Men’s Divisions and dedicated leagues for Ladies and Students.

Dates have been announced and entries have opened.

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