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ONE10SPORT Online Football Development Programme

Players of all skill levels are welcome to participate.

Our Online Programme provides players with UEFA- accredited, personalized training sessions to complete in the comfort of their homes.

Each week, players will be presented with three sessions. Two will be technique-based and one will be a football-specific conditioning session.

Our Technical Sessions are delivered by UEFA-Accredited Coach, Justin Behrens, and all Football Specific Conditioning Sessions will be guided by our qualified Sport Science and Conditioning Coach, Marinus de Villiers.

Register for the Programme

Players of all skill levels from across the globe are welcome to tap into our online resources, which allows players to play and pause training videos at their own pace, record their session stats and challenge local and international players in our weekly challenges. The monthly subscription is only R400 and will give you access to one conditioning session and two technical sessions every week.

Each technical session includes a warm-up, three exercises and a challenge. Conditioning sessions, on the other hand, include prehabilitation, cardio and strength exercises with a challenge at the end of each session.

The first session of the first week , Technical Session 1.1, is available to anyone who is keen to try the programme. Players will have a better idea of how the programme is designed and may access the detail with which coaches construct their sessions. The form includes the warm-up, all exercises and the challenge at the end.

Start Technical Session 1.1

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