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Five-a-side League, Claremont, Cape Town: A Repeat of Season 3 on the Cards?

Is the outcome of the league’s Season 3 on the way? Some may say this is true. A notable factor is the pl 

On the other hand, a repeat of last season seems unlikely, seeing that many of the players have swapped teams, and most notebly, last season’s runner-ups Shin City have lost the form that took them to the top of the table last time around. With their evident reshuffle and team rebrand, it seems to have been at a high cost as their performances have suffered for the majority of the season. 

With the Men’s Premier League, through a round of Playoffs between Shin City and Zestlife, Zestlife came out on top to take the trophy home. Meanwhile, Matt Frey of SWOXI FC took home the Player of the Season Award after an impressive 15 goals and 16 assists in only 5 appearances. 

The Men’s Social League offered similar results, with Player of the Season Josh Smith of 2 Girls 1 Schlupp bagging a staggering 31 goals and 6 assists in only 4 starts. Fittingly, it was 2 Girls 1 Schlupp that made it to the final playoffs against EasyPlay, who finished the leage with 16 points and went on to win the playoff anticipated playoff clash. 

The Ladies’ League, which started strong and only grew to be even more competitive was just as intriguing to follow. Between the Chicks With Kicks and the Footloose Wine Sippers, a total of 6 games were played,  where Chicks With Kicks ran away with the league with 4 wins and a draw, and 1 loss all season. The talented Raffaella Montali helped her team to the top with an incredible 10 goals in only 3 appearances. 

Proving to be a very competitive season, the question is whether the end of Season 4 will offer as much drama as the last. With only few games remaining before playoffs, keeping an eye out on opposition teams may be the football-wise thing to do. 

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