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European Football Coaching Levels: Upcoming Courses in South Africa

ONE10SPORT is excited to announce the upcoming European Football Coaching Courses to be hosted in Cape Town.  The courses being delivered include the Level 1.1 (Development Activities), Level 1.2 (Coaching Footballers 13+), Level 1.3 (Coaching in the Game) and the internationally respected C License in December 2015.  The courses cover the following content:

Level 1.1 Development activities

This 6-hour course is open to all interested parties aged 16 and over, experienced or otherwise, who work with youths/adults 13+.  In addition to delivering new content, the course will assist coaches to develop their coaching technique, focus on skill development and will explore the best age specific activities for developing young players.

Level 1.2 Coaching Footballers 13+

This 12-hour (2 x 6 hours) course is designed to assist coaches with the planning, preparation, organisation and evaluation of their coaching sessions. Coaches should note that the course is mainly practical in nature with coaches being involved in the coaching and demonstration of themes. The course will focus on coaching style and the use of differentiation, i.e. provision of practices to suit the wide range of abilities with the secondary school age group. This approach is applied to different themes such as passing, dribbling, shooting etc.

Level 1.3 Coaching in the Game

The 12-hour Coaching in the Game certificate course looks at the knowledge and understanding required to help players appreciate concepts such as width, depth and support within the small-sided game.The course is largely practical and prospective coaches are required to demonstrate the ability to coach basic strategies to players. Applicants must have completed a level two course.

C License

This 30-hour course is designed for coaches working with youth and adult players (age 13+) and provides a recognised qualification. The course comprises three practical components; conducting a training session, shaping a team and individual programme. This course is a pre-requisite for candidates wishing to enroll  on the Level 5 UEFA A Licence or Elite Youth A Licence.

It is vital that all coaches wanting to obtain the C License, follow the structure from Level 1.1 right through until the C License.  Levels 1.1 and 1.2 are completed together and provide coaches with a step by step guide to perfectly constructing a training session.  Without this knowledge, it is difficult to enter the courses at Level 1.3.

To book a position for our upcoming European Football Coaching Courses, kindly contact us:

Justin Behrens


C: 072 600 6384

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