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Cape Town Based Football Academy

ONE10SPORT is a Cape Town based football academy, which accommodates players of all ages and skill levels.  The football academy offers players two paths, the Active for Life pathway and the High Performance pathway.  This illustrates the football academy’s equal commitment to players looking for a fun activity on weekends, to the players who are interested in furthering their career as a professional footballer.

There are differences between the two pathways in terms of coaching style and the structure of the sessions.  Both pathways are structured and disciplined, but the High Performance pathway focuses on progressive football specific drills, whereas the Active for Life pathway focuses on enjoyment and the benefits of living a healthy and well balanced lifestyle from a young age.

“Competition” is a big talking point in junior sport, as academies are continuously debating at what age children should start competing in sport.  Unfortunately, it is not that simple as all players mature at different rates.  The Scottish FA believe that kids should not participate competitively until they are 12 years of age.  Many of our coaches are Scottish FA accredited and will coach according to Scottish philoshophy, although there will be circumstances where children possess skills far superior to their peers and will get bored in an environment that doesn’t offer competition.  We manage each individual case on it’s own, and with advice from the Scottish FA and the child’s guardian, we will determine the ideal moment in the child’s development to expose them to competition.

This is a short overview which we hope will encourage you to enroll your child with the ONE10SPORT football academy.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate contacting us and we will gladly assist you with regards to the correct pathway for your child.


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