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A talented footballing nation, lacking a nation in support?

In 2010 South Africa was given the “opportunity” to host the world’s greatest sporting event.  The entire nation became advocates of South African football, as we all waved the flag and blew vuvuzelas with a closed fist over our hearts.  It was an exceptional occasion and a “knock out the park” event in terms of the logistics and organisation.  South Africa loved and supported football for a year, and since then, we have forgotten how to support our nation, as we struggle to qualify for continental tournaments.

It’s no surprise that the national team are struggling, as the support went from 50+ million, to a minuscule number who are still willing to watch and put on the shirt.  What a downer that must have been for the national side and surely the players ask themselves continuously “who are we playing for?”  Have the players let the nation down or has the nation let the players down?  Success is far more achievable with 50+ million than with 11 nervous individuals taking to a pitch with a lack of support.

This is why South Africa NEEDS every individual who loves football, to be involved in football in some shape or form.  If those who truly love the game and are optimistic about the nation becoming a force in football, were to commit in some way to coaching a team or sponsoring a club, South African football would be in  a far healthier place.

What are your suggestions to improving South African football?





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